Changes to the Classification of Pregabalin and Gabapentin.

Pregablin and Gabapentin have been reclassified as controlled drugs by the NHS.  If you are prescribed these medications then the following will now apply:

  • Prescriptions cannot be sent electronically to the chemist so will be printed and signed.
  • The maximum amount we can now prescribe is 30 days
  • These items will be removed from repeat prescribing and must now be requested.
  • The script must be dispensed within 28 days or it becomes invalid

We do appreciate the disruption these changes may cause some patients however, although the change in classification to a controlled drug is beyond our control, it does represent the significance of these medications. Our medical system has been updated to reflect these changes and we cannot override this.

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Britain Leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019 – ‘Brexit’

Just to let you know that the NHS has made significant preparations for this event.  The Practice has reviewed all the current documentation available and  does not believe ‘Brexit’ will have any impact on the services we provide to our patients and would like to assure our patients it should be very much business as usual.

The NHS has made plans to ensure medication supplies will be sustained beyond this date and, in accordance to NHS England advice, the Practice will not be granting any requests for increases in quantities of medication or early requests for medication as a result of the ‘Brexit’ process.


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Off to University?

Congratulations!  Get ahead of the game and check the status of your immunisations, particularly for Meningitis, at least 2 weeks BEFORE you go to University or College.

Meningitis is a rare but life threatening illness that mainly affects young people. Your risk is increased if you are attending university for the first time –  you may need the Men ACWY booster.

We can check the status of all your immunisations so you have the best start to Uni life.  Ask at reception.

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Flu Vaccinations 2018 – 19

There is a new flu vaccination this year for patients aged 65 and over (Fluad).  As supplies will be limited at first, vaccinations will be in two phases:

  • Vaccinations will be available for Patients  aged 75 and over, along with those patients 65 and over in a clinical risk group or living in a care home, from the 20th September onwards.
  • Vaccinations will be available for Patients aged 65 to 74 who are not in a clinical risk group from 1st November onwards

You can book your appointment NOW by contacting reception

Appointments for Children, aged 2-3, who receive the nasal spray, should be available to book from reception from October 1st.

Vaccinations for patients aged between 18 -64, who are eligible for a flu vaccination, will be offered from the 1st October onwards.

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Telephone System

As part of our work on our commitment to improve telephone access for patients to the practice, we are delighted to inform patients that we have now moved to our new telephone system  which should both make it easier for patients to get through to us and for us to deal with the calls quicker.  We are all amazed at the practice at how much clearer everyone sounds!

It is early days but we have already had some really positive feedback from patients and there will be some further features we will be adding over the next few months to make calling us even easier!

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Soon to be 20!

Please note that the signage is now up for a change in the speed limit outside our car park entrance in Torquay Road, which will become 20mph.

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Alert – Cough Syrups

There has been a recall of a number of cough syrups over an issue of mould.  Please visit our Alerts page for further information.

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Ramadan – Advice for Diabetics

If you’ve got diabetes you need to be ready for Ramadan. This year Ramadan takes
place during the summer in the UK, meaning long fasts of more than 17 hours. Fasting
when you’ve got diabetes, especially for such long periods, can be dangerous and
cause problems for your health.
If you want to fast during Ramadan make sure you speak to your diabetes team so they
can help you decide if it’s safe to do so. If they’re happy for you to fast they’ll be able to
help you manage your diabetes through Ramadan. For more advice click here.

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Accu-check Test Strips

If you use a Blood Glucose meter and use Accu-check test strips to check your Blood Glucose levels, can you check our alerts page by clicking here.

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Healthwatch Star Award

We are delighted to have been awarded a star by Healthwatch Sunderland, in response to positive feedback from our patients in recent surveys carried out by them.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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