Patient Participation

Our Patient Committee is keen to gain the views of the patients and carer’s of Happy House Surgery, to enable it to work with the practice to help it develop and shape the services it provides.

The Patient Committee looks at feedback from a number of sources, including both the national and practice patient surveys, reports from the like of the CCG and CQC and from patient suggestions.  Over the years it has been involved in decisions big and small: from playing a huge part in helping plan and build the extension back in 2006 to helping us decide what questions will be on our next patient survey.   

This year, the Patient Committee have identified three areas for the practice to work on and one of the most important tasks for the group this year is to help the practice make changes that benefit our patients.

The areas are:

  • Improving telephone access to the practice
  • Improving practice information and communications with patients
  • Increasing the number of patients who are involved in our Patient Participation Groups. 

This last area is particularly important: we are looking for patients across all age groups, genders and ethnicity to ensure that the services we provide meet the needs of all of our patients.  We are particularly keen to seek the views of those with chronic diseases or those who people who would not otherwise feel that they can engage with the practice.

Over the next few months, this section of our website will update you on our progress in these three areas. 

Get Involved!

You can be involved as much or as little as you wish.  Our Patient Committee meets four times a year on a Wednesday Evening, but you might just want to keep in touch by e-mail receiving newsletters or updates, or even just help us by completing questionnaires. 

Whilst these areas may seem insignificant, every patient voice is inportant to us at Happy House and we are always keen to hear from our patients with their thoughts and suggestions, letting us know how we can improve things, make the best of the resources available to us and, hopefully, when we get things right! 

If you have any questions in our Patient Participation Group, you can use the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

If you wish to be involved in our work, you can fill in the form below:

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